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>Frequently asked questions<

1. How much time will it take to get it delivered?

We built it on-demand, just for you! So average time will take 2 weeks to create your jacket, and between 2-4 days (depending where are you) to get it delivered. So, if you are in a hurry (or shall arrive at a certain date), just let us know, and we'll try to fullfill your requirements (whenever it's possible!).

2. I would like to buy a jacket from you. Which payments methods are allowed?

We do accept bank transfers or by paypal. Sorry, we do not accept cheques. In case of bank transfer, it costs would be carried out by the buyer in its entirety.

3. I have received an email with the subject "Info" what does it mean?

Therefore we need some detail more about your size, to carry on with the clothing and we need a bit more anatomical information.

4. I made an order, but it has been cancelled, why?

It will probably be because we hadn't still received it's payment. You'll have to order it again.

5. How much will cost me to receive one of your garments in my country?

The transport costs depends on the country of destination. However, we will send you an e-mail whithin specific transport costs depending on the country.

An approximate cost would be: shipping to Spain will be 10€, to the rest of Europe would be 30 €, and the rest of the world from 60 € approximately.

6. Is it possible to receive the order in P.O. boxes?

Unfortunately not. We need someone to sign the "package delivery bill" in order to ensure that it has been correctly delivered.

7. I have received my LRL's jacket but i'm not sure about it, do you receive refunds?

Yes, of course that we accept. But keep in mind that the costs of return of the return are borne by the user, except in the case of defective or incorrect products.

In order for a refund to be accepted, returned products must meet the following requirements:

Unwanted products must be in the same condition in which it surrendered, and it must keep its labelling and original packaging.
The unwanted product should be returned using the same protective box of cardboard that has been received to protect the product, or in their absence, in a protective box similar so that the product reaches our warehouse with maximum possible guarantees.
A copy of the delivery order within the package, mark where the returned goods and the reason for the return must include.
If the above requirements have been respected, LRL send the user an e-mail confirming acceptance of the return, and will proceed to the payment of the amount of returned products, less the cost of return of the same. The cost of shipment of the order will only be reimbursed for defective or incorrect products.

8. Which kinds of leathers do you use for your jackets?

We have (at least) two types of leather: Cow hide and Sheep napa. The basic differences between the two are that napa weighs less (quite less), its thickness is almost half that of cow hide (Napa 0.6 mm.- cow hide 1.1 mm). In addition napa is quite softer to touch than cow hide. The biggest drawback of napa on cow hide is that it is more fragile (You should realize that motorbike clothes are made of cow hide in order to avoid abrasions in case of falling). Of course, both types of leathers (napa and cow hide) have Spanish origin and pass all required quality and law controls. We do not use nor material skins of Asian, African or South American countries in which such controls cannot be ensured.

9. How do I take care of my jacket to keep it as new possible?

The best thing you can do is to wear it (no joke!). Leather is a material very grateful and as much as you wear it, better appearance it gets. Never store it in closed sites for long periods in order to prevent to become moistured. Leather needs some fresh new air especially in summer time.

Seek to always hang on wide hangers in order to not deform their shoulders. And in the vast majority of articles that we work, you can use a moisturizer for surface cleaning and maintenance. However, if you doubt send us an email and we will help you you. No problem at all.

10. Ups!! I had a mishap with my jacket!! I have hooked it and it has been broken. Is there any solution?

Don´t worry, we can solve this mess. Due to we manufacture them, we always keep leather in stock for any mishap that you could suffer. Send us a photo to explaining the "long-suffering mishap" and we will evaluate what can be done. We will offer you a budget, and if you agree, in a few days, you'll have the jacket as if it was new.

11. The jacket that I am only interested it's only black. Can I get another color?

Yes, we have a large assortment of colors in our facilities, but prefer to focus on the classic colors or those which better fits for each type of garment. However, tell us your favorite color, or that one you are looking for; maybe we can get it for you!

12. Can I order a model that you may not have on your website?

Yes of course. Our rocker Design Department is waiting for new ideas to continue creating rock/metal jackets. Send us photos and much details as possible, and we'll create one for you. No problemas at all.

13. May I ask for an specific change so in your models? Delete a pocket, add a zip….

Yes, no problem... and if it is to delete, better! (We save work; D). If you want to add something, will have to check if its possible. In case the answer is yes, you'll get it for sure.

14. Can you make apparel with custom measures?

Yes, it is our specialty.

15. I like one of your garments for women. could you create a man version?

Yes, no problem. Sometimes we do! Remember that we hold our own leather workshop. We can do everything... except money.