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LRL wants you to show off our garments so we offer the service of clothing custom-made.

In the event that your actions do not conform to any size in specific, the only thing you have to do is to measure you and pass us these data so we can make you the perfect jacket. In the event that you have a different chest and hip size also you tell us that you do for example, a chest L and XL of hip.

What we would need for a perfect fit would be chest, waist and hips (look at the drawing of the section sizes to see how are taken). Also, the length of sleeve (from shoulder up to the knuckles) and the total length of the garment (from the neck in the back, to where you want to arrive).

Another option of customization is the ability to embroider your name in the jacket so that this is unique and non-transferable. Accessories you can select if you want this option, or even if you want additional patches.

We like that you to show off with the leather jacket and therefore tell us what you want and we´ll get it.

By the way, if you have in mind a model in particular that you find not within our collections, send us a photo and we will look at to let you. Everyone should get his dream rocker jacket.