Paypal is secure

>Secure Payment<

What is it about?

In LRL we take seriously the security and confidentiality (see privacy policy) contributing to our web site the latest developments relating to security, this is:

Secure and encrypted connectionsConexion segura

Did you notice that when you proceed to pay your purchase, the web address changes from http: to HTTPS:? What does the S mean?

It means that all the information that is transmitted between your computer and our server is encrypted so no one else can see it. This is because we use Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) technology.


Our server is certifiedConexion segura

Our server is secure and that we say you, also certifies us company Godaddy. You can verify our certificate by clicking here or watching the path of certificates in your browser.

The payments are validatedValidación de pago

To give you the peace of mind that your money reaches where you want to, we provide different forms of payment, and in all of them you can check and have proof that the shipment has been made successfully.

Forms of payment

Our duty is to provide a means of payment by which your can rest assured. That is why we propose the following means:


This interesting method of payment consists of both the buyer and seller rely on an entity called Paypal, and both use your system so that the money can travel safely. Purchase has a secure, refundable, and is also a transfer that takes place at the moment and no waiting.

Bank transfer

The traditional way to pay: you know the amount, and have the account to make the transfer. A transfer takes a couple of days to become effective.

Credit Card

We use the a bank payment gateway to make it who would manage the payment. The Bank puts its own means of security to validate the payment and is instantaneous. The only point against (if you can call that), is that they are only worth (Mastercard or Visa) credit cards.