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>Why LRL?<

Leather Jackets and rock...      


Why not to combine the two things that you most like in a leather jackets? If you like rock (in any of its aspects) and the leather you like... you just enter in the right place.

How is this idea born? As it was born from the need to find something really original and related to the rock, with a great quality in all your materials and at an acceptable price, since the rest of websites that we have always looked at it fails any of these three things.

We believe that the price today is a big handicap when it comes to spend the money. But we must also take into account the quality clothing and leather. All LRL garments are made in Spain, with a skilled workforce and selecting the best skins. If ever you have purchased a pair of shoes or a handbag manufactured in our country, you will know what we are talking about.


We know that there are many websites that offer very cheap leather garments and among many factors, one of the most decisive of these prices, is the quality of the skin. LRL does not fit in this game because we believe that it is worth spending a little more and not have problems with skins, which crack, or lose color, or simply have a strange odor in the long run...(products used in the tint of the skin in countries outside Europe, give a "peculiar" smell clothes because of the oils used in your tanning). Our theory is that if you don't have enough dough to buy one of our jackets, save a bit!. Sometimes it is worth wait and get something really good and original to not spend the money on something very cheap which in the end will not use to taste.

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Leather, Rock and motorcycles together... at last


Otherwise, the rock and the bikes often go hand seals. We know always that the bikers jackets are great when you're on two wheels, but what happens when you get? Biker clothes are usually made on a cow with a high thickness skin and thus if you fall, you protect them from abrasions or burns to your skin. This is the advantage. The disadvantage is that they are very uncomfortable when you're not on top of the bike since the thickness makes the weight and the flexibiladad disappear and your garment more resembles armour, which is not very comfortable if you really want to walk down the street or take a few beers with colleagues. We offer you the most original models but in a skin of lamb, with a thin and with a lot less weight than the biker chupas. This will bring you much more comfort and look out!, don´t get wrong.... also you protect against abrasions.... remains leather and has a great resistance.

However, for lovers of leather also heavy we offer the possibility of ordering your jackets in cow skin. Here do not discriminate anyone and less to those who love something "heavy".


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Our experience.

Since we born (have more than 30 years in this business), we have made all kinds of different styles in leather jakest. But we've always loved rock and in that we can say that we are specialists. Be direct manufacturers, without intermediaries, we serve well, faster and cheaper. Our skins are the best that the market can offer and of 10.000 garments we do in a year, we don´t have any return so in this sense, you can relax. We have a great team of professionals with designers, stylists, cutters and seamstresses waiting your ideas to make your dream jacket and you can begin your "stairway to heaven" or your "highway to hell" as you prefer...


Price vs. quality vs. conscience

 As we said at the beginning the price today, is decisive in choosing a product. But LRL believes that the relationship of this with the quality and awareness is also important. We know of the existence of very cheap leather clothes and we think that at this stage all we know how they are achieved. Very cheap labour in Asian countries (slavery of century XXI) and skins tanned in any way without respecting any international environmental agreement at all. That's dirt cheap to produce a garment of skin and any other type of product that we pass through the head. Fortunately, every day that passes, there are more people aware of this problem and makes a responsible consumption even if exit you the product more expensive. LRL believes that workforce we have and the tanned skins we use in our jackets, passing strict European environmental quality controls, they give an added value to our garments and it is the only way forward towards a sustainability and environmental awareness.

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Garment care


If you want your LRL garment last longer that the Rolling Stones have to look after it as best as possible. It is recommended that once a year, you give a cleaning with a moisturizer or any special leather cream. The correct procedure consists of take a little cream in a cloth and then clean all the garment garment blast. Then waxed once, let it dry naturally. You never store it in plastic covers, and if by a chance one day catches you off a huge downpour, the best thing you can do is let it dry naturally. Put it on a hanger and hang somewhere high to let it dry. Never put it near a source of heat or heat directly since the leather dries and may end up breaking. If you stain of grease or any other best thing you can do is to put talcum powder instantly so the fat does not penetrate into the leather. If you don't have talcum powder by hand (usually normal) and the stain penetrates here as you are dependent on professional dry cleaners they secure that solve you. We can do the cleaning service, if you do not have any specialist near your home. Write us to and we will inform you of prices and delivery times.


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