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Our company was founded in 1976 and is maintained both in its inception, as at present, with the same spirit of innovation and familiarity, such a good result has given us over the years.

We have not always done rock clothing, since in our arnica, the models were more classical, uniformed and obviously without tacks. The change was due to our unconditional love for the rock. We realized that what we have always been doing, had a relationship, rather than directly with the music that both revere.

So in 2010, and after attending the Download festival at Donington (England), our eyes and our minds were opened, and we decided to make items that really mix up the two things that we liked most in our lives. We realized as manufacturers, it was a sector unattended and very monochromatic (black and white only), so we decided to offer alternatives to the already more than familiar black rock jackets.


In the last two years, we have produced our first rock samples and after the great reception that have had at the local level, we decided open ourselves to the world, with this website, which we hope you like it and you like to buy leather garments inspired by the great legends of rock.

We will be raising more models as we manufacture them but can give us ideas and send us photos of your idols jackets so we can develope them.